Durrow - Dereen Cycle Loop

A Durrow Community Bike Hire Trail

Look Out For:

Bailey’s Mill, Dereen
The Wooden Bridges, Dereen
Bishop’s Wood
Capponellan Wood

Route Details:

Distance: 14.09 KM
Elevation: Gain 66M
Start: 86M
Max: 106M

Route Map

Starting Point Durrow

This suggested trail is relatively short in distance, and the terrain is very moderate, with no steep climbs. Starting at Durrow, cycle through the village, and onto the N77, heading for Abbeyleix. Immediately after crossing the bridge (River Erkina), turn left onto the Swan Road (Ballacolla/Rathdowney Road). 
Continue along this road taking the first left turn, which brings you down Knockanoran Lane. Follow this road and it will bring you back onto the Rathdowney road, beyond the Ballacolla/Rathdowney junction. 

Turn left and follow the Rathdowney road until you reach a slightly staggered crossroads and again turn left. 

This road will take you directly to the R639, passing over the wooden bridges, and by Bailey’s Mill on your left. Turn left for Durrow at this junction, and after a couple of hundred yards, you will see Bishop’s Wood on your left, with Capponellan Wood directly opposite. Local lore ‘in connection with this tree is that a Bishop was ill treated by British Soldiery and left tied to the tree at the beginning of the Penal times. He is supposed to have been buried by the peasantry at this place. The tradition does not give us the name of the bishop.’ Duchas.ie
A cross has been erected on the site.

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